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Controlling Your Cat's Hair Balls
Most cat owners would be purr-fectly thrilled to find a solution for hairballs, which affect millions of U.S. cats.                             Hairballs happen when cats regurgitate an indigestible collection of hair and food debris.
Besides the unpleasant "kitty cough" hairballs cause, they can also create a mess on floors and carpets.

Cats create two types of hairballs. One forms in the back of the throat and the other in the stomach at the start of the small intestines. Between 50 and 80 percent of cat owners report that their cat produces hairballs as frequently as once a month.
You can prevent hairballs by brushing your cat. This will remove any excess hair and prevent it from ending up in your cats stomach. If your cat still has problems even with frequent brushing their are a number of "hairball remedy" products like gels, oils, treats and diets on the market designed to keep hairballs from building up.

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