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Senior Citizen Pet Adoption Program
       The Humane League of Lancaster County is happy to announce it's new senior citizen senior pet adoption program.   This program is available to anyone 55 years of age and older.
    The way the program works is that anyone meeting the age requirement will be able to adopt any Spayed or Neutered cat or dog, over the age of 1 year, free of charge*.  For an unaltered dog the fee is $37.50 and for an unaltered cat the fee is $27.50.  You will receive a coupon for a free office visit and also a coupon that will cover the entire cost of the spay or neutering procedure, if necessary. (This can normally run $80 to $100 ).  Below are some of the pets available click on their link at the top of this page for more information!

#9265 "Peppy" Kennel 1-8
5yr Spayed Pointer Mix

#9644 "Minnie" Kennel 1-3
6yr old female Beagle

#9855 "Sam" Kennel 1-5
8yr male Dalmation

#9784 "Kaisha" Knl 3-3
1yr Female Boxer Mix

#9929 "Guf" Kennel 3-1
4yr neutered male 
Border Collie
#9782 "Bruiser" Kennel 5-1
2yr male shepherd mix
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You'll Ever Have
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Adoptable Cats & Dogs
Lancaster Humane League, 2195 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA
Tel:  (717) 393- 6551 Infoline (717) 291-8888 (then enter PETS)