None of us like to think of what a puppy mill must be like, and we definitely NEVER want to believe that the breed we love would be subjected to such horrors. However, it happens every day. It is happening right now.
     The next time you see those cute little puppies in your local pet shop -- think of the following stories you will read-- because that's where their "parents" will live out a miserable existence.
     Most importantly, don't buy a puppy from a pet shop!!!  Buying from pet shops supports puppy mills by increasing the demand. When you are ready to buy a puppy, do some research and find a responsible breeder, or adopt a pet from your local animal shelter or pure breed dog rescue organization. There is a rescue organization for every breed!
     The only way to close down puppy mills is to put a stop to the demand for their puppies.
 New Hampshire - 25 Shar-Pei dogs found dead

California - 75 Poodles Living In Their Own Waste

Tennessee - Wire Cages, Feces Piled up, Maggots...

Washington - Over 200 dogs cold winter with
No water, No food, No shelter

Isn't their laws protecting our pets?

Visiting a Puppy Mill - Rachel A. Lamb
Director for Companion Animal Care at (HSUS) in Washington, DC.

How much is that doggie in the window?

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