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Know Your Personality...
Find A Pet To Match It!

        If you were writing a classified ad to find the perfect pet, 
        how would it read?

     Wanted: Soft, furry friend! Always around, not too demanding, ready to go anywhere and do anything. Must be socially adept and have some dining etiquette; shedding and licking optional.
Or would it say...
Wanted: Cold-blooded, independent sidekick. Must have long tail and bulging eyes. Can go for a while without food and is understanding when it's not the center of attention. No feet required.
     "Just like people, pets exhibit unique personalities," said Funda Alp, director of communications for the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA), a not-for-profit association promoting the benefits of pet ownership. "When choosing the perfect pet, it may help to select a new friend that complements your special lifestyle."

These five categories may help...which one are you?

     High-Energy City Slicker-You're on the go, you enjoy eating at outdoor bistros and your living space may not be roomy. An ideal pet for you may be smaller in size or love to join you on city outings. Perhaps a ferret comes to mind. Why not fill an aquarium with exotic fish, or consider getting a gecko?

     Super Active Sportster-Off for a swim at the lake? Take a sporty type of dog such as a Labrador to swim along your side. Why not take a walk with an iguana on a leash? How about a hike through the woods with a snake around your shoulders?

     Laid-Back Couch Potato-Your bicycle has cobwebs and your remote control is never out of reach. An obvious solution may be a tranquil indoor cat to call your new "television buddy." Or, consider a parakeet, finch or lovebird. They happily entertain themselves with a mirror or a bell. Another option is a turtle. But, you must feed it regularly and change its water. (Write a note to remind yourself and tape it to the remote control!)

     Out-of-Towners-You're never around, so what kind of pet is right for you? Perhaps a poodle, Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier. Like you, these dogs travel well and are airline friendly. If you choose a pet that you have to leave behind, make sure to ask a helpful neighbor to lend a hand during your trip.

     Full-Nesters-Your home is a busy place where friends and family gather frequently. Pets would be a welcome addition to your brood and it may be difficult to choose just one. Don't worry. It's not uncommon for "full-nesters" to have cats, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs living under the same roof!

      Remember, what all pets need is love and attention (food and water, too!) In return, they'll fill your life with love and joy. NAPSI - To learn more, check out APPMA's "The Pet Owner's Manual at

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Know Your Personality...  Find A Pet To Match It!
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