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 The Epidemic Theft Of Companion Animals Continues
 White Van Still In The Michigan Area
 Indiana and Kentucky:  A reddish old 1973 Chevrolet pickup truck
    The theft of dogs, mostly large pure breeds continues to plague the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky with authorities at a loss to explain this incredible and heartless crime.
    In  SW Michigan,  the theft continues with local citizens on the lookout for two people driving the
white van with the words "Animal Management" written on the sides of the vehicle.   On Friday afternoon (1-28) a woman witnessed the van cruising slowly through her neighborhood and noticed that the words "Animal Management" had been painted over with grey paint. It would appear that  the thieves  are now driving a white van with grey paint on the sides of the doors. And that is the vehicle we are looking for as of now.
     Virtually every small town in the SW Michigan area has been affected by this rash of pet theft.
     One USDA Compliance Officer for the state of Michigan expressed his belief that a large pit bull fighting ring is operating in the Michigan area and that those involved were believed to be armed and dangerous. So dangerous that authorities shy away from arresting and prosecuting the suspects.
      Another possibility is that many of the large dogs are being resold directly to a lab in a nearby state. Whatever the case may be, we have an emergency of unusual proportions.
     In Indiana, approx 28 dogs are currently missing and believed to have been stolen from the Gibson County area in Southern Indiana.  A reddish colored old pick-up truck with a very loud exhaust and a large white wooden dog box in the back had been spotted to be in the area when the thefts occurred.
     In Kentucky, a man witnessed three men riding in a vehicle matching this description steal his much loved coonhound named" cry baby" and his small black and white beagle.  The three men were seen at that time, a short, stocky middle aged man with greying hair was driving with two other younger men who both had long hair (dark) with one having a beard.  This theft occurred two days before Christmas, sadly a neighbor's dog was stolen as well that same day.
In conclusion, we are now looking for the following vehicles:
In Michigan:  A white van with grey paint on the side of the doors and a white pick-up truck.
In Indiana and Kentucky:  A reddish old 1973 Chevrolet pickup truck with a large white dog box in the back.  This vehicle has been seen in southern Lewisberg, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana.
A reward of $3000. has been offered for information Leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. If you see vehicles matching the above descriptions, please try to get a license plate number and please call your local authorities.   In addition, please call the IDA  Hot line at 1-800-STOLEN-PET (1-800-786-5367) to report any sightings as well.