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91 year young Aunt People and Pets a Healthy Relationship

Photo:  Petie gave 91 year young "Auntie" 
her very own Dobie. 

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Animal Ambassadors Visiting Health Care Facilities

Benefits of a cat or dog is a pet topic for Mayo doctor,
by ...Jill Burcum / Star Tribune

Did you know that your pet can get cheaper prices at
the vetenarians on the same excact prescriton drugs
that humans ?

Disabilities Resources/Information

Elderly Benefit From Pet Ownership

Furry Friends for physically disabled or
hearing/visually impaired


Life Of A Working Dog

Pets make great fitness partners

Pets- Putting A Smile on those at Nursing Homes

Pets And Children: A Lifelong Friendship

Real Audio  "Seeing Eye Dogs", "Puppy & Tail" slide shows

"Old Blue Eyes Ralph"
Heart Warming Story about a DRU dog nicknamed Ralph
and the wonderful family he found.

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