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     (NAPSI)-Nearly $2 million has been raised to help animal shelters around the country, thanks to a program that's been around for the last seven years (49 years in dog time).
    The program recycles aluminum cans to raise money for the shelters and other non-profit animal organizations. Called Paws to Recycle, it's already brought in 6.6 million pounds of aluminum.
     Saying this is a win-win program, benefiting both animal shelters and the environment, Craig Covert, manager of marketing communication for Alcoa's Rigid Packaging division explained "While raising funds for shelters, Paws raises awareness of the importance and ease of recycling. The program makes it easy for everyone to save aluminum cans and put them to good use. Through Paws to Recycle, we have kept more than 212 million cans out of landfills."
    The program is sponsored by Alcoa, Friskies PetCare Company and the American Humane Association. Participants can also compete for cash prizes in such categories as Most Pounds  Recycled by a Non-Profit Shelter and Best Local Publicity Campaign.
     Each participating shelter receives an assortment of free Friskies canned cat and dog food for its homeless animals. The shelters use the money earned for spay and neutering programs, construction, expansion and campaigns to raise community awareness.
   Shelters can register for the campaign by calling 1-800-646-PAWS. Pet owners and others who care about our ecology can call the number to discover where the nearest participating pound can be found. 

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