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                  It was a gruesome sight:
                       Chains dangling from the ceiling from which bait animals had been suspended for the
                       training of fighting dogs.
                          Dogs or cats, either strays or stolen pets, were hung from the chains and the fighting dogs
                       goaded into lunging at them and ripping them apart, officials said.
                           The discovery was made yesterday when agents of the Pennsylvania SPCA raided an
                       abandoned house on Cosgrove Street near Belfield Avenue in Germantown. Officials said
                       it might have been a "stash house" for fighting dogs.
                           The agents seized 11 adult pit bulls and two puppies in the raid.
                           Officials said the animals might have been held there for owners who took them off to fight
                       at such locations as the garage building raided Saturday night by police at 19th and Norris
                       streets, North Philadelphia, where dog fights were being held.
                           In fact, it was a tip from someone who knew that one of the men arrested in the raid kept
                       dogs in the abandoned house that sent the SPCA to the building.
                           Agents also found "medical kits" containing antibiotics and syringes used to treat dogs
                       wounded in fighting.
                          George Stem, director of animal control and investigations for the SPCA, said the animals
                       found yesterday didn't have open wounds but some bore the scars of old bites, some
                       scabbed over.
                          One of the puppies had mange and was so sick and emaciated it had to be euthanized
                       immediately, Stem said.
                          "It could be a stash house for the animals, after they had been fought because of the
                       medical kits found there," Stem said. "Or they could simply be dogs belonging to the
                       person who kept them there."
                          In the Saturday night raid, 88 people were arrested, including two off-duty police officers,
                       and 11 pit bulls and a Rottweiler were seized.
                          The arrested cops were identified as Isaac Fontaine, a 10-year veteran assigned to
                        the 5th District, and Craig E. Thomas, a two-year veteran assigned to the 35th District.
                          They were suspended with intent to dismiss.
                          At a press conference in front of Police Headquarters yesterday, Lt. Joseph Lynch, of
                       East Detectives, said the raid stemmed from a tip provided by an FBI informant, who told
                       them Friday of a dogfight planned for Saturday night in the garage building.
                          The raiders waited for the dogfights to begin, then secured the building around 11
                       Saturday night and arrested all the people inside, Lynch said.
                          The building is owned by John Scanlan, a Center City businessman, who said in a phone
                       interview that he rented it about six months ago to a well-dressed man who said he wanted
                       to use it as an auto-repair garage.
                          Scanlan said he knew nothing about dog fights.
                          "By law I couldn't refuse him," said Scanlan.
                           "I thought he was too well-dressed to be a mechanic, but he said he had a couple guys
                       working for him."
                       by Gloria Campisi  and Bob Warner  Daily News Staff Writers