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Born to Be Wild 
      Anywhere. Any place. Any time. All Petie and Nellie need to hear, is the jangling of car keys. Their ears perk up and they make a beeline for the front door making sure that the driver does not escape the house without them. 
      My dogs aren't alone. A recent drive around the neighborhood confirmed what I have long believed: It is dogs, not humans, who are the true driving enthusiasts.  They are the ones "headed down the highway, looking for adventure".
     A shepherd/rottie mix gleefully craned his head out a backseat window, enjoying the air at 30 mph. A Great Dane poked his head out of the sunroof as though he were the grand marshal of a parade. A pair of greyhounds raced back and forth across the back seat, excitedly yapping as if to say, "Look at us! We're in a car!  We don't know where we are going and we don't care how far!"
     Did they care that the car in which they were drawing attention to themselves was a '76 red, white and blue Pinto with rope holding the trunk down? Apparently not. In fact, as far as I can tell, a dog is just as enthusiastic about the driving experience whether he's the passenger in a Cadillac convertible or a dump truck.
     Furthermore, unlike his human counterparts, a dog is happy about all driving experiences --
     "A bumper to bumper, two-hour back-up on the freeway? Excellent!" ... "Five-hundred straight miles on I-95? Cool!" ... "Our 999th trip to the drive-through window at the bank? How lucky can a dog get?!"   In fact when we drive by our bank without stopping our dogs press their nose firmly against the window and let out a whine as if to say, "Hey, why are we not going to the doggie bone drive-through?"  Maybe we humans wouldn't experience "road rage" if we acted more like our furry friends 
and wag our tails the next time someone cuts us off instead of yelling obscene language and blowing the horn. 
      As more and more, people take their furry friends for a ride, travel vendors are recognizing this need and are trying to work with it while tapping into a new source of revenue.   For example, if you own a small dog you may be interested in a booster seat. This "dog car seat" raises them high enough, so they can see out the car window.   The Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat can be personalized and even has an added storage tray.  This is great if you do a lot of banking. For those of you who may travel with two or more small breed dogs may want to check out the PATENTED "My Buddy" Lookout.  This booster seat enables two or more pets to see out the car window. 
    The Travelbed manufactured by DOGbedWORKS, protects your car's interior and your pet at the same time! It's secure hammock style design cradles your pet and prevents them from slipping off the seat. 
     Introducing the new Half Step Dog Ramp by Pet Step.  This compact design ramp will help your pet climb into your van, car, RV or bed. This is a lot easier and safer than trying to lift Fido. 
     You now can take your dogs swimming, hiking, and romping in the rain or snow without having to worry about the trip home. Protect your seats with waterproof seat covers from Carscape.
      The Auto Window Bumper by Dura-Crafts, protects your pet's neck and chin so your dog can cruise and feel the wind on his face in comfort.  Some dogs say the best way to describe it is like when a human eats a peppermint patty.  "Oooooooooh! Oooooooooh!"
       The other day I watched a Lab mix sitting in the driver's seat of a red Blazer, while his human companion ran in and out of the post office.   Was Fido anticipating his owner's return or was he thinking about taking off with the car himself and heading to his companion's bank for a treat? 
    Even though Rover is passionate about heading down the highway with you and may be the only one who trusts your driving, remember cars are for people.   Leaving Rover in the car unattended on a summer's day of only 85 degrees, for example, even keeping the windows slightly open won't stop the inside temperature from climbing to 120 degrees in just 20 minutes. A dog whose body temperature rises to 107-108 degrees will within a very short time suffer braindamage or die.
      If you would like to learn more about Pets and Weather or to adopt a "Furry Friend" so you can have someone finally go for a ride with you, check out our Adopt a Pet links page!

Our furry friends have been enjoing car rides for some time...
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