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Cindy Williams from Laverne and Shirley

A Touch of Grey,  Founder -Carole Marks, 
and Cindy Williams 
  Many of you may remember Cindy from when she played Shirley Feeney in the television series "Laverne & Shirley"

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Discarded Treasures
      From postcards to bottles, to cookie jars and doorstops, if you look around any home you are sure to find some sort of animal related memorabilia.
     So often, collectors never know where the objects in their collections come from or who owned them.  Who were the people who cared enough to preserve them?  Not everyone valued and took care of their possessions so they could last for all of us to enjoy today. 
     Quite often "old -stuff" is just discarded by the families of deceased parents or grandparents.  Cookie jars that were once filled with homemade cookies are set outside for the "tag-sale" and cherished postcards are sometimes just tossed aside while cleaning out a lifetime. 
     But there are those who are spending thousands on their pets and spending even more on their animal collections! 
     Mrs. Allen found a "Twin Winton Foo Dog" cookie jar at a garage sale. The original retail price of $8.00 had current values in the $400.00 range, according to "Collectors Guide to Don Winton Designs". 
     A 1898, poster featuring brown, orange, and gray dogs, which bore news about an upcoming dog show, brought  $920.00 at a Swann Galleries auction in New York City.
     According to "Warman's Americana & Collectibles", a Bulldog doorstop could fetch $50.00, while a Huckleberry Hound puppet could be worth as much as $30.00  and a 1983 Avon pomander titled "Cat-Napper" is worth about $28.00.
     Postcards were in a sense the  "email" of the early 1900s. Everyone was sending them and there were plenty of animal themes to choose from.   The official figures from the U.S. Post Office for year ending June 30, 1908, cite 677,777,798 postcards mailed during a time when the total population of the U.S. was only  88,700,000.  These animal theme postcards vary in price from $1.00 up to $500.00. 
     Blue Doberman, Petie, has started collecting autographs. Thanks to "A Touch of Grey Radio",  Petie has been able to acquire many famous autographs including; Frankie Avalon, Wink Martindale, Joan Rivers and her dog Spike, Hugh Downs and Harry Belafontie. Through Carole Marks, host of "A Touch of Grey Radio" and "The Garde Arts Center " Petie was recently given the privilege of acquiring an autograph from Cindy Williams while she was appearing in "Grease".  Many of you may remember Cindy from when she played Shirley Feeney in the television series "Laverne & Shirley".  When the pages of the autograph book are completely filled, it will be donated to one of Petie's favorite animal organizations to be auctioned off with all proceeds given to the organization in order to help our furry friends. 
     Like the discarded "old stuff", there are thousands of dogs and cats thrown away by their owners every year.   Like Petie, a few lucky ones will find a home with their new owner never knowing where their furry friend came from or who the previous owner was.   The rest will be euthanized.  According to the American Humane Association, 6.3 million dogs and 5.8 million cats were put to death last year. If you are thinking about getting a pet please visit your local animal shelter or humane society or visit our adopt a pet link at the top of this page!
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