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How To Adopt A  Com-Paddi-tible Pet
Just because that cute little doggie on the TV is making you want to go out and get one  doesn't mean it's the right pet for you or your family.

Many pet owners make the mistake of choosing what they consider to be the most adorable pet without taking the time to consider compatibility.

    Selecting the right pet is very important
      When choosing a pet, it is important to select one that is right for your environment; one that will fit in with your lifestyle. A poor match may bring frustration later.
Nearly 60 percent of households in the country own pets. Did you know one in four of those pets will end up in a shelter? It's true! This percentage can easily be decreased with a few pertinent pet pointers:
Before your new pet is even brought home, you and your family should discuss "the rules" to ensure that your pet receives a consistent message.
Spay or neuter your cat or dog-this avoids millions of pets being put to sleep because there are not enough homes for them.
Proper training is very important. New puppies or dogs not accustomed to staying alone can bark or howl. Praise your pet and offer rewards for staying alone at different increments in time.
Get pet references-if you leave your current address. Ask professionals who know your pet, such as the veterinarian or current landlord, to write short letters of reference. This may help to persuade a perspective landlord that your well-mannered pets will be good tenants.
The ABC's of Responsible Pet Ownership is a free, 12-page pet- care guide that will be available at SPCA's, local shelters and Humane Societies across the country. For a free copy, visit a nearby shelter, call 1-877-466-6367 or visit