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Yoga goes to the dogs

Yoga Goes To The Dogs
           For more and more people, pets are an increasingly important part of their lives, even when it comes to exercise.
     For example, yoga for dogs is, for many pet owners, a cool and fun way to relax and bond with their four-legged friends without going outside. In fact, dogs may even be more adept at the art than their human counterparts, and not just at the "downward-facing dog" pose.
     "K9 Karma is about the amazing connection between humans and their dogs. Everything is more fun when you have a dog as your partner in crime and certainly yoga with your dog is no different," explains Kari Harendorf, dog trainer and yoga instructor.
      If you think that doggie yoga might be something you and your furry friend would enjoy, you may be glad to know it's just one way to work on your karma while watching TV. Animal Planet has introduced a new daytime programming block-called Simple Pleasures-that reminds people to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.
     One of the cornerstones of the new lineup is "K9 Karma," which encourages people to seek out the joyful connections between themselves and their dogs. Hosted by dog trainer and yoga instructor Kari Harendorf and her 5-year-old husky mix, Charlie, the series starts and ends in the yoga studio. It also offers a humorous and witty perspective on life in the big city, courtesy of "voice-overs" from Charlie.
       "K9 Karma" is a training ground for people who want to live life to the fullest with their dogs. From visits to a nursing home to cheer up the residents to a dog biscuit cooking class and even a doggie acupuncture session, viewers come away with great ideas for activities to enjoy with their canine companions. These can include a day at the "doggie spa," a romp in the park, and a trip down memory lane as Kari and Charlie revisit the shelter where they first met.
      To learn more or to see a schedule of episodes, visit the Web site at
       Dog yoga is just one of the ways you can have an ultimate bonding experience with your dog. Learn how by tuning in to K9 Karma, a new daytime series on Animal Planet. 

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A recent survey indicated that 40% of America's pet population is overweight. If you or your veterinarian feel that your pet would benefit from a reduction in body weight, this discussion should help you achieve your objectives.

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