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And Another Puppy Mill...
     I wasn't always such a happy-go-lucky dog. Until April of 1996, I lived a miserable existence in a  puppy mill. In 1996, when I was rescued, I was approximately 3 years old, and I had probably already had at least 3 or 4 litters of puppies. When I was a puppy myself, there was a flood at the puppy mill. Of 10 puppies, I was the only one to survive. I was kept in unsanitary conditions, in a cage. I did not receive adequate food or veterinary care.
     When I was dumped at Hearts United for Animals, I was terrified of people. I had heart worm. I had an infected uterus. One of my upper incisors was broken and was piercing the gum. That tooth has since been removed, and now I have a rather lopsided grin.
     My fur, which is now a rich liver and white, was orange from malnutrition and it was falling out in clumps. My bones jutted out from underneath my skin. My eyes had no expression except fear and exhaustion. I delivered my last litter of puppies early in 1996. The man who brought me to the shelter said that of my eight puppies, 4 had frozen to death. He brought 3 of the remaining puppies to the shelter with me. The reason he brought me there was that there had been another flood at the "kennel", as he called it. Most of the dogs had died. It is said that I saved my puppies from the swollen creek, but I don't really remember. I am trying to forget that life. I spent two and a half months living in a foster home, with a wonderful foster family who nursed me back to health and taught  me that it would be safe to trust some humans.

Before I was  rescued.  My fur was orange  from malnutrition.and it was falling out

Missy Today

Hearts United for Animals rescued Missy & found her a great Home!

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