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 "Old Blue Eyes Ralph"
      Ralph arrived at the Doberman Rescue Unlimited and was checked out by Dr. Audrey.  It appeared he was not formally trained but he handled well and was a complete gentleman in the house, around children and with cats.    Ralph is old, completely blind and DRU, through a little bit of sniffing, learned of the gruesome beginnings of Ralph's life.
      When he was slightly over a year old, Ralph was bound with barbed wire and hung for hours before police found and freed him.  The battle during his torture left Ralph with mutilated legs, such that he could not stand or raise his head, and his vocal cords were permanently damaged.
     Ralph found a guardian angel named Annie who took him in and made him "king of the hill."  Ralph had a family.  The grandchildren played with him, the kitties stole his food when he wasn't paying attention, and Annie and her husband loved Ralph.
      Ralph started to age and developed cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy a condition that is not painful but would not benefit from surgery.  Ralph would never see again.   During this time Annie also developed cataracts and other health problems.  She became worried about inadvertent accidents to Ralph or herself and asked DRU to find him a home.
     Ralph was placed in a foster home with an older, often jealous,  red Doberman, a large strong willed German Shepherd and a couple of curious cats.  His initial few days were confusing.  New people, new dog, cats, new smells, and a new house to negotiate.  After a couple of weeks of a few bumps into the wall, a stumble off the deck, a trip over the dogs and a few spilled water bowls Ralph became a "veteran".  He was able to sense when the door was open, where the food bowl was placed, where to go for pats on the head and the "safety" of a warm bed.  Ralph was even discovered in the living room, in front of the stereo speakers, head resting on the windowsill of an open window, nose into the breeze, listening to Frank Sinatra (thus, his nickname- "Old Blue Eyes" - Ralph).  Ralph knows good music by Music Of Your Life that can be heard on 170 radio stations across the country!
    Even when Ralph makes a mistake he continues.  His ceaseless spirit and disposition is amazing.  He inspires and encourages independence in those around him.  The cats now sleep with him.  The other Doberman is tolerant of his countess stumbles and stepping on her head. The large strong willed German Shepherd as assumed the role of "Seeing Eye Dog," leading Ralph around the yard for exercise.
     Ralph was formally adopted by his foster home and continues to progress. "I do not notice that Ralph is blind anymore.  Ralph sees the kindness and love he has."  Says new family.
  The DRU  (Doberman Rescue League)  is the same organization that rescued Petie. This website is our way of saying "Thanks" and to help out the others who have no homes yet.  There are thousands of rescue organizations across the country with pets waiting for a loving home.   Click on the "State Resouces Link" located at the top of this page to find one that is right for you! Click Here to go to  DRU Website!